THE CORE CAUSE: The Good Shepherds is an immersive musical journey centered around Humanity and Redemption and how hoarding unimaginable wealth takes tragic precedence over human needs, especially within ultra-wealthy Christian churches.  The production wrestles with dire societal needs which go hauntingly unanswered by these Christian organizations. 

SUMMARY: The new recruits at Mormon, Inc get a taste of the endless cash

Four brand new hires just landed their "dream job" at the Mormon church headquarters.  This batch of newbies had high hopes for their futures, but after discovering that their fellow church employees are too obsessed with hoarding cash, stocks, land and other investments (while donating very, very little to external charities), some of these new hires have a change of heart.  Experience the groups' shocking highs and emotional lows at Mormon HQ as you join these trainees on their first day on the job.

SHOW LENGTH: Running length is 1 hr 55 minutes which includes a brief 10 minute intermission.  That gives you time to grab drinks, dinner or desert after the show!  We think 3 hour musicals are too long.

**SHOW DATE CHANGE: As of 12/30/2021, due to unforeseen circumstances out of our control, the production has been bumped to Thurs-Fri-Sat, Aug 18,19,20, 2022.  Existing ticket holders were automatically converted to a preferred, weekend/evening show date (Fri/Sat) and additional details were emailed to existing ticket holders by 12/31/2021.  Of course, existing ticket holders may receive an immediate, full refund if the newly-adjusted August dates don't fit their respective schedules.  The show WILL NOT be bumped further into the future.  The social cause is too important for further delays.  Thank you, again, to our many, many existing ticket holders.  We appreciate your understanding. 

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SOURCES (partial list): NOTE: as far as we know, The LDS church has not attempted to discredit these sources:

$180 Billion USD in Investment Reserves owned by Mormon Church:  (please read this first)

The Wall Street Journal: $100 Billion Mormon, Inc. Hidden Stock Portfolio

Florida's Largest Private Landowner is the Mormon Church (678,000 acres owned in FL)

Mormon stock fund up $20 billion since Covid-19 onset

Mormon HQ Wealth is 161 times the Catholic "money-per-member" Wealth Ratio

Mormon HQ has massive holdings in tech stocks





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