Tickets are selling quickly.  Don't Delay!

The first five Good Shepherds shows will be unforgettable!  With approx 250 "General Admission" seats at each of the first 5 shows being sold at only $19.95 per ticket, the first 5 shows are expected to quickly sell out.  There is an additional $5 convenience fee on all ticket options (which covers sales tax, processing, etc).  Non General Admission ticket prices may increase at any time (and may substantially increase, based on demand).  So don't wait!  

On top of the affordable ticket options for the first 5 shows, we are giving away 50+ official production t-shirts per show to the first 50 people in line at each of the first 5 shows.  Plus, additional swag to ALL attendees in the first 2 shows!  Plus cast "meet and greets" opportunities in-line before the show starts and cast photo ops after the shows too!  What are you waiting for? CLICK HERE and join us at the thrilling premier!

The first 5 shows are scheduled to take place at the historic Egyptian Theater in downtown Ogden, UT.  It's only a 38 minute drive from SLC to Ogden (35 miles).  It's not "too far away."  We'll see you at the show!

*As of 12/30/2021, due to unforeseen circumstances out of our control, the production was bumped to Thurs-Fri-Sat, Aug 18,19,20, 2022.  The show WILL NOT be bumped further into the future.  The social cause is too important for further delays. 

**Tickets are generally non-refundable.  With that said, we do have a soul and if you have a dire situation, we may (at our discretion) offer a refund.  If you're simply unable to attend due to scheduling issues and/or non-urgent matters, please pass your tickets along to friends or family and let them enjoy the show.  

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