LOGAN (CEO: Church Investments): Logan is a high-energy eccentric corporate executive who clawed his way to the very top of the Mormon, Inc employee hierarchy.  He behaves exactly how he wants with zero regard to “political correctness” or politeness or the opinions of the underlings beneath him.  

NICK (New Recruit): Open minded at first, Nick quickly becomes troubled with the church’s lack of giving any meaningful portion of wealth to "do as Jesus would do" and lift up the poor.  Unafraid to speak out, Nick calls out the blatant hypocrisy and tries to help Logan see that there’s more to life than hoarding countless billions that would otherwise prove vital - even lifesaving - for those in need. 

LAURA (New Recruit): Laura worked tirelessly to land her dream job at Mormon, Inc.  She tries her best to stay positive and open-minded but becomes quite torn after discovering such bizarre and unanticipated employee behaviors in the corporate office.  Laura struggles to cope with the realization that her dream job might not be all it’s cracked up to be. 

CARMEN (New Recruit): Bubbly and outgoing, Carmen embarks on her first day at church HQ with gusto, ready to change the world. Carmen quickly realizes that the unfathomably wealthy church just isn’t doing enough (or anything) to support other noble causes.  

SETH (New Intern): Seth is the “eager beaver” butt-kissing, sports-crazed intern from BYU, and is hell-bent on proving to the entire church HQ that he will climb the chain of command at lightning speed and become God’s gift to the global church operations.   

ADDITIONAL CHARACTERS / Major singing roles (some names may change based on who fills the role):

TIFFANY: Dir. Charity Relations

ROGER: COO and Head of Property Reserves

SHANTELL: Managing Director, Public Relations

ROSA: VP Human Resources

BRAD: Vault Maintenance Team Lead

DEVIN: SVP Church Accounting

AKIRA: EVP Facilities 

BARRY: Barry is just Barry



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