“The Good Shepherds” is set to debut on March 21, 2022 at the Historic Egyptian Theater in downtown Ogden, UT. 

We need lead and supporting actor-singer roles filled. We also need ensemble singers and and choreographers.  Listen to the songs / watch the lyric videos.  If you like what you hear, we want to hear from you!  Please help us spread the word (comment on & share the videos)  

Next, pick which part(s)/song(s) you’d like to audition for (see Audition FAQ’s Below).  Check out the Character Descriptions in the "About" section of the website.  Lastly, send us your video link!  Practices will most likely be held in Weber County Utah.  Certain (non full-cast) practices may be held closer to Logan or SLC (depending on where certain participants live). 

*If you prefer, you may audition via singing an entirely different song (from a different production).  It's totally up to you. 

If you’ve got what it takes to be part of a powerful, brand-new, original, modern musical that has the power to spark meaningful change, this is for you! 

*Audition (instrumental / karaoke tracks) are on right here on Spotify / Apple Music 

Are you an active member of the LDS church, worried that you might be looked down on for participating in this production?  Please, don’t be worried!  There is positively nothing in this production that “pokes musical fun” at anything which the LDS church considers to be sacred (read the 1-page background of the story right here).   

So what are you waiting for?  Come share your amazing talents and have a BLAST doing so in front of thousands of people! 


What should my audition video entail?  Give us a quick (30-60 seconds or less) opening bio / tell us about your on-stage, singing, dancing and show experience.  Tell us how (on top of your musical talent) you'd be the best choice for the team (ie; are you active on Social Media and happy spread the word? Can you warm up the ensemble with your piano playing skills? etc?) then SING, SING (and/or dance) AWAY!  Give us around 60 seconds of singing (if you're a dancer too, throw on some dancing after your 60 seconds of singing).  Show us your unique style.  Yes, the singers on the audio recordings are great but we don't want you to exactly imitate the audio recordings.  Just be YOU!  This should go without saying, but please keep the video classy.  

Do I have to audition with an actual video?  Dancers and Choreographers, yes, we need a video link (though it can be a video of something you did in the past).  For singers, video is still preferred, but we will also accept an mp3 of your raw, unprocessed recorded voice along with a headshot. 

Can I audition for multiple roles?  Absolutely!  Please do so! Simply sing along with the respective karaoke/audition tracks (approx 60 seconds each, per part) and send us the link to your videos.  TGSauditions@gmail.com

When is the audition deadline? Wed Dec 8, 2021 at 11:59 pm.  If there is an overwhelming response, we may close the auditions early.  Thus, we highly encourage you to audition early! 

Will there be live call-back auditions after the video round?  Yes, of course! We need to make sure you can handle the added pressure (and added fun) of singing live in a large, historic, 1,000 seat theatre, in front of the producers, peers, directors, etc.  Live call-back / second-round auditions will most likely be Thurs/Fri Dec 9-10, 2021 (official date is TBD).  If invited to second-round / live auditions, you must email us a professional headshot photo prior to your live audition and bring 4 physical half-page-size copies of your headshot and 4 physical copies of your resume to your live audition.  If you don't have the worlds greatest musical resume, don't let it discourage you... just prove yourself via your killer singing talents during the live auditions!  Lead roles, understudy roles and ensemble roles will be announced by Dec 13, 2021.   

What sort of time commitment am I expected to give?  We will begin rehearsals in earnest, starting the beginning of January, 2022.  Evening rehearsals will last 2.5-3.5 hours (though the entire cast will not necessarily need to attend each rehearsal).  For approx 6-8 total weeks, you will be expected to leave your Tues-Thurs nights open (and possibly a few Saturday mornings too, TBD).  Any needed absence must be arranged far in advance (as the cast is depending on you).  If you are a college student (or otherwise tied up during those times), and if you're the "best of the best" we may be willing to work around your schedule, within reason.  If rehearsals are going great and everything is on track, clearly, we will happily "dial it back" and require fewer rehearsals. 

Will I get paid for this?  Yes, but you’re not going to get rich on this first go-round.  Please remember that this is a local production with a limited budget (not a Broadway show with a Broadway budget).  Once everyone sees how epic the musical is (yes, we're biased) and we get some Executive Producers to help take it to Broadway, you’ll have serious bragging rights knowing that you helped drive an all-new musical production to Broadway!   

I’m not a great singer, can I still participate?  Yes!  We need volunteers (ie; ticket scanners, ushers).  Volunteers will receive awesome swag and free show tickets!  Volunteers will be granted on a first come first serve basis (as we can't give out hundreds of free tickets).  Some volunteers will also have the chance to participate in the final scene of the production!

What if I'm not selected to participate?  First and most importantly, don't let rejection hurt your musical dreams.  Take it as "fuel to add to your artistic fire" for your next musical opportunity in life.  Just so your aware, the composer/producer/lead actor of this very production (David Nolan) had countless significant musical rejections along his path, as has every other successful musician.  

Again, we will close the audition deadline early, based on the volume of submissions.  DON'T WAIT!  Audition now for your best chance of getting heard. 


*Please give us at least 5 days after emailing your video link audition to us before you follow up with us.  Thanks!


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